Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

At Brookson we take our responsibility towards Corporate and Social Responsibility extremely seriously.

We are a successful and fast growing company with offices in Warrington, Bromsgrove, Bournemouth and Coventry and we employ a diverse range of employees who serve a wide variety of stakeholders.

In everything we do, and everywhere we operate, we remain committed to supporting the health, wellness and safety of our employees, acting in an environmentally friendly way and always trying to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

We are proud of our social conscience and we remain fully committed to helping our employees, our communities and the environment in every way we can.

Our Focus on CSR Includes:

  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion
  • Enhancing the health and safety of our employees
  • Actively participating in the communities where we live and work
  • Operating ethically and complying with legislation
  • Minimising our environmental impact

Brookson's CSR in Action

  • We sponsor charities that are local to our offices and actively raise funds for them
  • We regularly raise funds and collect toys at Christmas for the local hospital in Warrington
  • We work closely with local faculties including Warrington Collegiate, the Business school, the Academy, Warrington & Co. giving talks and free seminars on our line of work
  • We actively recruit from the WA post code and circa 80% of staff have a WA post code
  • Our apprentices are sourced from the Warrington area through the Warrington collegiate
  • We use local businesses whenever we can, including the refurbishment of our offices
  • We use waste businesses that recycle waste
  • We regularly support our customers with their fund raising and charitable activities