Our Vision

Over the last 20 years the macro trends of employment have led to significant growth in freelancing. People want more flexibility and more choice to control where when and how they work.

Employer’s attitudes have changed too. They want more choice on who they hire and they want to be able to attract the very best talent but only pay for it when they need it.

This community of freelancers already generates over 92 billion pounds for the UK GDP and it’s growing, it’s growing really fast but legislation, technology and the existing traditional service providers are just being left behind, they cannot support this growth.

We’ve been supporting the freelancer workforce for over 25 years and quite simply our purpose is to make the world of work, work.

In the old way of doing things freelancers and hirer would need to surround themselves with a whole range of support people and different types of services. This is costly, it’s time consuming and quite frankly old-fashioned.

That’s where Brookson comes in, our vision is to be the leading compliance and services platform for freelancers and their hirers. We are the only provider that does this, and we deliver everything the freelancer and hirers need all in one place.

We deliver these services through our unique blend of technology and amazing people. By blending excellent people and our cutting-edge platform technology we can deliver on this exciting vision to deliver a world-class customer experience.