Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, please speak to a Customer Service representative in the first instance and they will try to resolve the issue where possible. If you do not feel that your matter has been adequately dealt with, please follow the formal complaint process below:

  • The complaint should be put in writing to marked Complaint in the subject box detailing exactly what your complaint is and how you feel it should be resolved.
  • On receipt of the complaint in writing, this will then be logged as a formal complaint and an acknowledgement email sent to you
  • A senior member of our Customer Relations Team will then contact you to resolve your complaint and offer a solution where appropriate.
  • In the unusual event that they are unable to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you can appeal in writing to marked with Complaint Appeal – FAO Customer Relations Manager in the subject box. Your complaint will then be reviewed and you will be contacted further until full resolution of your complaint.
  • Once the complaint is resolved to your satisfaction the complaint will be filed as resolved.
  • Notes are updated on your personal file to ensure that all of the above has been met.