Recruitment Agencies

Introducing a powerful new partnership for you, your clients and your workers!

You may have heard Brookson has been acquired by People2.0. The merger of Brookson and People2.0 brings a level of security, service and scale that is unmatched in the UK. We are the only provider that offers breadth of choice, different price points and robust compliance support throughout the entire supply chain in one place.

A leading compliance and services platform for workers and their end clients.

Global Employer of Record (EOR) and Agent of Record (AOR) services, exclusively for the talent procurement sector.

Helping you de-risk and add value to your supply chain.

Increasing demands on providers in your supply chain mean some are cutting corners. This means you are increasingly required to manage the regulatory, financial and administrative burden of the supply chain – impacting your margins and profitability.

By engaging with partners who are ill equipped to help you manage supply chain compliance and are unable to identify non-compliance, you are also carrying significant legal and financial risk.

The PSL approach is only adding fuel to this fire. Because each partner is ill equipped, they will undercut the next to win your business. For years, these non-compliant providers have been unable to service the changing world of work and have brought the market into disrepute.

You may have seen in the news that HMRCare clamping down hard on these providers. It’s time to act to make sure it doesn’t affect you.

How can we help you? your workers? your clients?

Through our comprehensive service ecosystem you, your clients and workers will experience significantly more value:

An ecosystem that delivers significant value for your supply chain globally

The most comprehensive service offering in the UK, catering for every requirement agencies, workers and end clients will ever need.

Through our significant scale and worldwide network, we also have the capability to bridge the funding gap and service clients wherever they are in the world, helping you grow your business on a global scale.

Recruitment Agencies

Use our significant scale to bridge the funding gap

Remove the need to audit multiple providers

Manage payroll requirements anywhere in the world

Eliminate the risk of your supply chain

Actively help you to grow your business, globally


Provide unparalleled flexibility for how they want to work

Deliver everything they’ll ever need, in one place

Provide relief of administrative, regulatory, financial and insurance burdens

Give them freedom to work anywhere in the world

Provide uninterrupted, global access to benefits

End Client

Eliminate the IR35 risk of their supply chain

Deliver a comprehensive temporary workforce management solution

Provide total visibility of temporary worker spend through our proprietary technology

Help them engage talent from anywhere in the world

Ensure seamless on-boarding and payment of workers globally through technology

We can help you!

Ready to eradicate non-compliance and legal risk from your supply chain and handover the burden of bridging the funding gap?