The Interview


Have a question about life at Brookson? Drop us a message, we would love to hear from you!

Apply for a Role

If you think Brookson would be a good home for you, view our latest vacancies and submit a CV.

What Happens Next?

The interview process can feel daunting, however we want all applicants to feel comfortable and clear on the next steps.

I've Applied - What Happens Next?

We’ll take a look

Once you have applied for a role and submitted your CV, your application will be reviewed by the Hiring Manager and Talent team.

We’ll be in touch

If your CV meets the requirements for the role, our talent team will reach out to you for a quick call to get to know you a little better and schedule a suitable interview time

The Interview

Usually conducted over a video call, you’ll get to meet your hiring manager and a member of the talent team. The interview will be scheduled for an hour and will be an opportunity for hiring manager to get to know you, your experience and for you to ask questions, understand Brookson and the role a little better. Depending on the role you are applying for, a second stage interview may also be required. 

Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Something that is extremely important to us at Brookson. We will always provide you with our thoughts and feedback after an interview regardless of whether you have been successful.  

We want to make you an offer

Our talent team will contact you to share the exciting news that we want you to join the Brookson Family and provide you with all the necessary information for you to make your final decision. We hope you say YES!  

Welcome Call

Your manager will be in touch with a welcome call ahead of your start date, this is a welcome to the team and also a chance for you to ask questions before starting.


Once your onboarding is complete, we look forward to greeting you on your first day and watching your career develop within Brookson!